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Times Tables

Fluency and rapid recall of multiplication facts are fundamental skills in mathematics that hold significant importance in a student's educational journey. These skills provide a solid foundation for more advanced mathematical concepts and problem-solving abilities. Being fluent in multiplication facts enhances a student's overall numerical confidence. When multiplication facts are effortlessly recalled, students can focus their cognitive resources on more complex mathematical operations, leading to improved efficiency and accuracy in all aspects of mathematics.

Support in School:

In class, all pupils have completed a baseline assessment on TTRockstars and this has generated a heatmap (see below) which shows how successful your child is at each of the facts. 3 times a week pupils will complete a one minute low stakes quiz in class, focusing on a specific table.  We will also look at strategies for recalling facts pupils find more challenging such as 7x8 and 9x7. 


We will repeat the baseline assessment monthly which will update their heatmaps. A copy will be sent home, in your child's planner, so you can celebrate your child's progress.


It is recommended that your child does 10 minutes of practice per night.  Short bursts are more effective than spending long hours once per week.

Homework in maths for this term across all year groups will include 10 mins per night on TTRockstars along with one page from their CGP maths homework book or a task on Mymaths.  All information on homework will be on their google classroom.

Heat Maps:

Heatmaps change from red to orange to green based on the time it takes your child to answer each fact. We recommend they focus on the red facts first. 

Any boxes that are grey will be because your child has not yet answered these calculations on TTRockstars. We have sent these heatmaps home to help you identify which times table facts your child knows really well, as well as the times tables that they can practise more to improve their speed and knowledge with.

Heat Maps

There are only 36 facts to learn!

Timestables Facts


Top Marks
Number Hive.

Below are a copy of the slides delivered by the fantastic team at Education North Tyneside around the importance of times tables and how to support your child in developing automaticity of key facts.

times tables pdf
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