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Maths at Marden Bridge Middle School

TTRs Poster

England Rocks

Are you and your maths class ready to compete against schools across the country by answering table questions as many times as possible for 3 days?

Last Years Results

Out of 3,870 schools taking part we came 85th!

This was a huge achievement but let's try to beat it this year!!!


It’s that time again. The trees are bare, the nights are long, and the maths is fun. Welcome to Barvember, our annual celebration of all things bar modelling.

Here are some fantastic examples demonstrating how modelling can support to problem solve.

Bar Modelling example 1


During Autumn term our KS2 pupils were given the exciting opportunity to work with Spheros on a set of challenges designed around coding and geometry in our maths lessons. 

Spheros are programmable robots that help pupils to learn fundamental STEM concepts through play-based learning and educational STEAM activities. You can use Sphero robots to play games, create programs, or complete challenges. Year 5 focussed on challenges around creating geometrical shapes by coding the correct angles and measurements. 


Our year 8 were challenged to use the spheros and coding to navigate various race tracks, games of mini golf and target practice using maths skills to support. 

Year 8 challenge culminated in a drag car race around the the sports hall using the skills they had acquired during the sessions. 


September 2022 saw much excitement in the maths department as 30 brand-new iPads arrived in school. iPads are a fantastic resource within mathematics, they allow for collaboration, movement and automaticity within a lesson. During a lesson, children can annotate slides, save important information in their journals, look for further challenge questions, research key terminology and use digital manipulatives to problem solve. Practical and problem-solving activities are enhanced by the use of creative apps and software.

Peer Tutoring

Year 8 and 6 pupils will be taking part in a peer tutoring session every Wednesday morning during registration.


What is peer tutoring ?

Peer tutoring is is a cooperative and active learning strategy in which pupils work collaboratively to complete a task as a coach and trainee respectively. These sessions provide an opportunity for bespoke learning for our Year 6 children as they are able to delve deeper into concepts they may have previously struggled with. Whilst, Year 8 benefit from consolidating their own understanding by gaining transferable skills for future employment such as communication and problem-solving.

Children working in maths lessons
Children working in maths lessons
Children working in maths lessons
Children working in maths lessons

Many of our girls in Y7 and Y8 took part in the 'Girls in STEM' session, working with Naomi, a STEM Outreach ambassador from Newcastle University. This session explored the history of women in STEM and why we need more female scientists and engineers. The session also included WISE’s People Like Me quiz which highlights the girl’s strongest traits to show them that they have the ability to work in a STEM field if they want to.

Our Year 8 pupils took part in 'A Future in Maths' session, working with Naomi, a STEM Outreach ambassador from Newcastle University. Naomi talked about why maths is important and what it’s like to study maths at university or college (a lot of interest in the Dominoes in the Newcastle University Student Union!). She also shared information about some of the many careers that involve maths and the stories of some recent graduates. The main message being that maths is everywhere and studying maths can open up so many possibilities in the future.

Children working in maths lessons
Children working in maths lessons

We are delighted to be supporting the NSPCC by taking part in their Number Day on

Friday 3rd February 2023.

During maths lessons, children will take part in a range of maths activities and we will be particapating in Dress up for Digits. Pupils are asked to wear an item of clothing with a number on it (football shirt, leavers top, a cap). To help raise money for the NSPCC, we are asking for donations.

Year 5 will take part in an afternoon of workshops alongside their parents and carers. This will consist of two workshops to demonstrate how you can support your child at home followed by a range of activities including a light-hearted quiz, some programming and of course some refreshments. 

" Never underestimate a child's ability to do maths."

Esther White

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